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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Feel longing for….

After came back from campus, actually at 6.00 p.m , my friend and I were decide to go to Kak Ida’s stall to buy some food.  After buys some food, while walking back to the hostel, we were chatting.  We talk about many things. We talk about other friends, family, studies and many more.  One of the topics that we talk is about my sister.  
All the memories that I remember came out from my mind one by one.   Her smile faces, her laugh, her angry face (makes me feel unwell =P), her tears and what we have been through together.  On that past time,  my life full with laughter because she was great at making funny things.  We were very close.  I always share my problems with her and she listen very careful.  She was a great adviser too (hee~ =)) She was very pretty, kind, and also an animal lover same like me.  Everyone love her much.  I can’t deny that I also in my jealousy mood when I think of it (hee~).  But it won’t be longer  =P. I thought the same way like everyone thought, more than that bad thought that playing in my mind, huh! (gugugu~ =P).   Want to talk about our memories? It will take long time to talk about it.  But now, all of the memories always there. Deep in my heart, that everyone never knows.  I never forget about it until now.  Yet she was married and has a child.  Wargghh!! I can’t deny her daughter is very cute. Her face is same like her (*^_^*…kawaaiii !!).  I never assume that because of her daughter she turn to someone that I never known before.  Her smile also begins to blur when she gets sick.  Since that time, my family and I became more worried about her.  Her condition was getting worse.  Until the day that we never forgotten.  She died at same date when she married (date of married: 8/8/2008) (date of died: 8/8/2009).  Miss her so much, ( =’( ).  I always pray that she was placed in great place and peace there.  Amiin…   

Sweet...isn't she??^^

On her wedding day

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